Solar Thermal


Solar Thermal


Solar thermal energy is the transformation of energy from the sun into heat. This process is the guarantee of a free, clean and inexhaustible energy. Because respect for the environment is our priority, we offer innovative devices that use the sun to provide you with thermal energy.

The solar water heater
The operation of the solar water heater
  • The glazed thermal collectors absorb the sun’s rays, which heat an antifreeze liquid (called “caloporteur”) contained in small copper tubes that constitute the absorber;
  • The storage tanks contain sanitary water which is heated by means of an exchanger;
  • The pump transfers the heat from the thermal collectors to the storage tank.
Booster system

The solar water heater covers 85% of hot water needs, but in case of absence of radiation or irregular radiation (days with little sunshine), a back-up system is necessary (boiler or electric resistance).

There are several technologies. The most used are the following ones:

  • Forced circulation: The most commonly used, a heat transfer fluid is used to transport the heat to the water storage tank (most applied technology);

Circulation forcée

  • Natural circulation (thermosiphon): In this configuration, the tank is placed higher than the collectors in order to allow natural thermocirculation. This system is widely used and highly profitable in areas with a lot of sunshine.

Circulation naturelle

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