Why choose solar energy?


Unlike fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas, etc …), solar energy is a clean energy, without emission of polluting gas, inexhaustible, renewable and free. Solar energy can cover all or part of our electricity needs. Everyone can produce electricity in all serenity.

Principle of the production of photovoltaic solar energy

  • Photovoltaic modules capture solar energy and transform it into direct current;
  • An inverter transforms this direct current into alternating current, making it compatible with the entire electrical network;
  • The photovoltaic electricity thus produced can be injected into the public grid or stored in batteries to be used when there is no more sun.

Depending on the amount of sunlight and the orientation of the building, the solar panels can be placed on the roof, on the ground, on the façade or integrated into the building and contribute to the architectural aesthetics of the building.

Our photovoltaic solutions

Self-consumption with or without storage.

You consume the energy you produce.
As the cost of electricity is constantly increasing, self-consumption allows you to significantly reduce your energy bills. We observe a gap between production and consumption. Therefore, we store the energy produced in batteries, in order to use them outside the sunny days.

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