drinking water drilling

drinking water drilling

Why choose drilling?


WILMOSOLAR, a specialist in the field of water drilling and well construction, puts its skills at your service for the realization of your future water catchment: artesian wells, pumping wells, deepening of existing wells. With the involvement and know-how of our experienced drillers and hydrogeological engineers, WILMOSOLAR will be able to successfully accompany you in your projects by carrying out quality work from design to completion. When we take charge of the drilling of a hydraulic well, we make sure that all safety standards are respected and find the best drilling solution, adapted to your land and your needs.


Light in the World Development Foundation (L.W.D.F) is a non-profit organization, which aims to provide affordable health care and clean water.
These two concepts cannot be separated.
Indeed, no one can talk about good health, without access to clean water.
On March 19, 2016, L.W.D.F was able to drill the ground for access to clean water in Togo (West Africa) despite the difficulty of this rock-covered area.
Despite the cost of this project, the benefits are more important since the access to drinking water helps the population living in this region and at the same time will serve to provide water to our future clinic that will be built in this region.
We cannot achieve these goals without your support.

Please visit our website for more details and for your donations: lightintheworld-df.org

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